Nokia has been hard at work creating software for Windows Phone that is aimed at separating its Lumia lineup from the rest, but there’s been news that it’s also developing software for other platforms as well, namely iOS and Android.

At present, Nokia is beta testing ‘Pulse’, a mix of mapping software from its Navteq acquisitions, check-ins, messaging and photos. In essence, it’s one of the many increasingly standard social-networking-location apps, but developed and backed by Nokia. Currently, it’s available on Windows Phone, Symbian, Meego and as a mobile web offering.

In an interview with the Boston Business Journal, Nokia’s Global Head of Social and Location Based Applications, said the apps are now aimed at Android and iOS. ‘To be social, you have to be on every platform.’ Ozer doesn’t anticipate Pulse to overtake Twitter or Facebook, but did hint that Nokia is going to look towards social networking with an array of interconnected Nokia apps.