Viber the free calling and messaging application have reached amongst the top free apps to download on the Apple App Store in India. Today it was observed that Viber has climbed up to the 5th position and maybe it might go up further if they continue to grow at the current rate.

We have been using Viber for a long time now and have observed the updates that they have been rolling in the last one year. Alike all other IM applications this is the too a competitor to WhatsApp probably the oldest but there are some things we like and somethings we don’t like about this application.


Pros (According to us):

  1. Viber uses your phone number as the identity just like WhatsApp which might be a security concern for BBM users but we feel it makes it comfortable for people using WhatsApp as they don’t have a problem with this ideology.
  2. It’s free. No charges for making calls or messaging except for data which is pretty awesome, isn’t it? Even the call quality is decent.
  3. Viber has stickers too and we can’t refuse this universally accepted fact that conversations with stickers is fun.
  4. It has desktop and mobile clients working in synchronization with each other, though only one mobile device can have the app activated with the same number at a time. Would have been more awesome if they could add multi mobile clients activations as well. Probably Viber would take this as suggestion and surprise us with the next update (heh)
  5. Apart from primarily mobile operating systems, it is available on Bada, Symbian too and has a client on Linux desktop operating system as well (yay! for me).
  6. Viber out to speak makes calling to non-viber numbers possible. We haven’t tried this feature but we expect it to be something like Skype calling with credits.

Cons (Again, according to us):

  1. It sends notifications to all your contacts on Viber about you joining viber.
  2. Multi-mobile client sync.