myMail on iPad

Email communication even today is one of the most important means of conveying your message. Though instant messaging might have overtaken most of the personal communication but a lot of professional talks happen over this channel. myMail a third party email application by the myMail.RU group recently announced that they have been dominating the alternative email app space on both iOS and Android.

Some of our favourites Mailbox, CloudMagic and the popular K-9 mail and this myMail all have been in competition since the late 2013. K-9 had already lost the league with the launch of CloudMagic and Mailbox on Android due to its outdated user interface. myMail on the other hand might have not been that active on social channels but looks like they were preparing themselves for something big. In June, 2014 myMail released their revamped application on both the popular mobile platforms and since then they have been observing a huge interest among the people of the mobile internet.


According to an app analytics company Distimo, the info-graphics provided by them states that myMail has been climbing very rapidly up the ladder beating all other players. In March 2014, they reported myMail reported its highest activity on iOS. myMail offers a very intuitive ingredient to the usual boring mailing experience spicing it resulting in the likes by people.

In this never ending mobile first scenario we feel that the competition is very tough and there is no way one can stand by what it has. It’s good that myMail has reached up to this level but they better continue the flow or it will be hard to survive.

The app supports IMAP and POP3 mail access on any email account. The app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.