Adobe just showed off a teaser of Photoshop CS6 on YouTube, which brings a new darkened UI and raw-image editing tools for from the new beta of its sister program, Lightroom 4.

Bryan O’Neil Hughes, an Adobe senior product manager, showed off the teaser. “We have a darker interface that allows for a more immersive experience,” O’Neil Hughes said. “We’re able to focus on the image and not on the interface itself.”

He also showed off the new Camera Raw module, used to edit the raw photos that higher-end cameras can take or to edit JPEGs or other ordinary formats and as expected the new Camera Raw module gets the same editing controls as the Lightroom 4 beta.

The dark UI’s are quite popular these days and especially for photo softwares since they make photos stand out nicely but even if you don’t like the new dark look, you have nothing to worry because you have options to choose between four shades, with the lightest being the old look, and the darkest making everything nearly black.  The teaser is titled  “Sneak Peek #1,” so we can expect to see more such videos as we get closer to release. You can check out the video below: