The birth of Siri has brought about the birth of  voice recognition softwares on other platforms too. We came across a capable voice recognition software on Windows Phone called Ask Ziggy recently, although it had some cool features but lacked in some features to truly rival Siri but we were optimistic that further updates would bring it closer to Siri’s level of features and functionalists and it seems our wish has been granted as Ask Ziggy has received a update bringing the version of the application to 2.0.

The new version brings some cool features like it can now create reminders, call people (or email as well as text) and look up calendar entries. The UI of the app too has been slightly refreshed.

Ask Ziggy is far more impressive than Windows Phone’s stock voice search and the new features make it the best voice recognizing assistant software on the Windows Phone Marketplace so anyone looking for a capable voice recognizing assistant software on Microsoft’s platform should definately give it a try and moreover its free. Do tell us your experience on Ask Ziggy in the comments, we love hearing from you.