I’m delighted to inform you that Mountain View just pushed out an minor update for Google Maps on the Android platform. Latitude users will be happy read that the battery life has been improved for this particular location reporting service. Transit Navigation, which is Google’s flagship navigation module, is now able to estimate your vehicle speed even after GPS signal is lost. Indeed, a very useful feature if you drive into a tunnel, or you’re driving in bad weather conditions. Nowadays our receivers are more reliable then years ago, but still it’s nice to have this included. Although this extension is still in beta, we’re glad to see improvements. In addition to these two main things, Google has pushed out some other minor changes.

Here are some highlights from Android Market:

1. Improved battery performance for Latitude and Location History users, and fresher locations for friends in Latitude
2. Transit Navigation (Beta) can use vehicle speed to estimate location if GPS signal is lost
3. Increase route options for public transit directions from 3 to 4.
4. Report feedback to Google from the settings menu