Angry Birds Space was the highlight announcement by Samsung with the partnership of Rovia at the South West Asia forum in Bangkok. Now Samsung has decided to give out 30 new levels including a special Galaxy Note level for free to all the Galaxy Smartphone users, for celebrating the worldwide launch of the Galaxy Note.

These 30 new levels in Angry Birds Space called as “Danger Zone” is available as an in-app purchase currently for all non Samsung smartphone users. Angry Birds Space is currently available on Google Play store and also in the Samsung App store. In addition to the 30 levels, an exclusive Galaxy Note level will also be provided to the Galaxy Smartphone users.

The all new Angry Birds Space looks like fun from the promo video, it has loads of new birds like the Laser bird and many other birds who have unique powers. For the geeks, this is going to be epic because it is in the SPACE, hence the physics applied here is going to be totally different. I am waiting for this game to be launched, are you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Angry Birds Space is going to be launched on March 22nd and the Samsung offer for all the Galaxy Smartphone users will also be on the same day onwards. We will keep you informed as the date comes closer, so stay tuned.