Well most of you must have heard about the famous image editing app Snapseed, and also heard that it was recently taken over by Google to add it to their portfolio. This takeover came in response to facebook going after the ever so popular iPhone App (now on android as well) Instagram, by Burbn. Well, Instagram was always free, so is Snapseed now. The app just received a small update, where they made it free for everyone and also changed the app icon. Earlier is was 4.99$ (yes, it was that good)


As you can notice, the icon fits more nicely with the likes of Drive and other google apps which have a similar minimalistic design. The UI is still the same but now with better integration with Google+ , which was ought to come, we just didn’t know how soon. We’ll give you a closer look in our app review soon, but till then go checkout Snapseed on App Store and Google Play, its amazing, and now its free.