It seems Amazon is now going all against Google with reports suggesting that Amazon could have ditched Google for Nokia to use Nokia’s mapping solution instead of the Google Maps. We all know Amazon didn’t use any Google services in the first iteration of Kindle Fire and they skinned Android very extensively so there was nothing Google in it.

Considering how well the first Amazon Kindle Fire sold in millions taking the huge chunk of the Android Tablet market and turning out to be the biggest competitor to the Apple iPad in terms of market share, it should be great news for Nokia if the news turns out to be true. With the Nexus 7 flying off the shelves and growing competition in the 7″ Tablet market, we can expect Amazon to bring more features to its affordable tablet and the leaked picture of the alleged next Kindle Fire shows a brand new interface and Reuters reporting now that the next Fire will have Location Capabilities through a GPS chip.

This could be great news for everyone since Nokia Maps covers turn by turn navigation in many more countries than what Google offers plus it will help the Nokia brand gain some traction which the company needs real bad.  With Amazon launching the next Kindle Fire on September 6th, we’ll know pretty soon if this is true.