Path , the social networking app which kind of summarizes the daily doings of a person created quite a controversy ( more of a feud ) on Tuesday, when it was found that the Path application for iPhone imports all the user’s contact information onto it’s servers in the name of finding more friends of the person which are present on the particular social platform without the permission of the user and then addresses none to his knowledge after doing that . So, this was termed as most of the users as a Breach of their Privacy !

In response to this , Dave Morin – CoFounder and CEO of Path responded to the issue in his blog stating that the data fetched from the User’s Address book was nothing more than an attempt to help him find more friends online and that they deeply value the User’s privacy and meant no harm which can be depicted in the manner that the Android app already featured an option asking if the user wanted to share his personal data over the app.

Thus , Path quickly rolled out an update for iPhone users in the form of version 2.0.6 which includes some bug fixes along with an option which prompts upon for you to opt whether to share the data over Path’s servers or not ( as in the image) . If one allows the sharing , and later wants to stop the sharing , he can just simply revoke the access by sending an email to [email protected] and all his information over the server will be removed.

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This indeed is a very appreciable step from Dave Morin and Path by sharing a public apology and rolling out a quick update as to some people their “Privacy is Sacred” to them and no one would want it being damaged or tampered with . Also this adds to the image of the Path thus handling it a more advantage in its second attempt after failing in the first attempt as a photo sharing app .