Browsing Reddit on Android fortunately always has been a pleasant experience, thanks to the apps like Flow for Reddit and Reddit News. Due to missing support from developer for Flow for Reddit, Reddit News have been our favourite Reddit Browser till date. Recently due to a change in Reddit’s licensing policy to access their APIs, DBrady the app developer for Reddit News was asked to change the name of his application to something which stays unconflicted. After a discussion on reddit itself which was held two days ago, the app developer has officially renamed the app to ‘Relay for Reddit’ with a new icon.

The app got an update today from the Google Play Store which features the new name and a slick material design user interface. The new icon which we have discussed about above is the reddit logo with a radar on his head relating to the new name ‘relay’. For those who spend some time on reddit, I will definitely recommend this app to try. There is a free ad-supported version and a $3 Pro version available to download for the Android mobile platform.

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