The leading provider of mobile internet software and services – UCWeb launched the UC Browser version 9.4 for Android users. They have made significant improvements in the newly released version. It features an Auto Pager feature, an upgraded Speed Mode, increased download speeds and a fast browsing experience.

Seeing the features in details:

Auto Pager:

This feature provides users with a seamless browsing experience. The web content is divided into pages. As soon as you reach to the end of the current page, Auto Pager will automatically reload the next one. This will eliminate the pain of clicking through pages and will save a lot of waiting time.



Speed Mode II:

Speed Mode will detect the speed of your internet, the browser page, the smartphone you are using and then appropriately display the best web version available. It may load the desktop version, mobile version or the Lite version accordingly.

Speed Mode II

Increased Download Speed:

They have enhanced the download speed by a considerable amount. It has become even more fast now. The speed may even double under 3G network.

Download Photos from Facebook:

Now the user can easily download photos from their social media page. One just needs to long press on the photo and save it in the phone via pop-up menu.

Facebook Video Uploader:

UC browser provides a shortcut to upload videos. One just has to record the video and upload it with having just clicking once.

General Improvements:

This enhanced browser comes with Android 4.4 support.

Download Management

Android users can download the new enhanced version of the UC Browser from Google Play: