News: Google Chrome 17 Hits Stable Channel


Google  recently posted Chrome 17 to the stable channel, few days after releasing the first Chrome beta for Android 4.0 tablets and phones. Chrome version 17.0.963.46 is believed to fix a number of security loopholes and introduce some new features and aesthetic tweaks. 

Chrome 17 has a new feature called Download Scanning Protection; it compares downloaded .exes and .msi files to a Google-maintained list and lets the user know if the file has been downloaded from a malicious site. Users can still ignore the warning messages, but the extra security measures taken by Google may help to prevent infection.

The second innovation is more interesting: Omni box Prerendering – in this the browser will start loading search results and webpages in the background while one finishes typing them, thus making page loading seem faster. There are also some new APIs for Extensions and other small tweaks, including the fact that the new tab button no longer has a plus sign. For a complete list of bug and security fixes, hop on the release notes linked below.

List of Bug and Security Fixes-Chrome 17.

The new version of Chrome will also be  available for Windows, Mac OS X, and almost all flavors of Linux.

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