The global leader of mobile Internet software and services – UC Web released its new upgraded version 9.3 UC browser. This version of UC browser is available for Android platform. This browser has been upgraded with multiple features and new add-ons. In addition to this it sports an easy to use interface and Smart Download capability. This browser has been designed keeping the downloading needs of the users. The problem of interrupted downloading which gets restarted all over again has been taken control off. Users can now expect seamless and swift download with the new Smart Download capability.

The features of UC browser 9.3 for Android are:

  • Smart Reconnection: In this the user does not have to keep a note of the downloading continuously. In case the downloading is interrupted the Smart reconnection will automatically start downloading.
  • Smart Preview: The user will be able to get a glimpse of the file while the downloading is in process. By this the user could confirm whether the the file which is being downloaded is correct or not. Example one can take the glimpse of the video which is being downloaded to cross verify it.


  • Smart Manager: This manager will make the management of the downloaded files easy. It becomes more user friendly and one can easily locate the downloaded file amongst many. This is backed with an efficient user interface. Common issues like intermittent Internet connection and mislabeled files are easily resolved. The user can save time in downloading as the downloading speed has also increased.

The other add-ons in this browser are:

  1. QR Code Generator: One can easily generate the QR code for any site they visit, so that it can be shared very easily and effectively.
  2. Gestures: The user can easily create and save a gesture for a particular site. So next time one can easily revisit that site by just drawing that gesture. It basically acts like a bookmark.
  3. Browse Faster: This add-on is basically for active users. Few people like to keep their phone memory clear. Browse faster will clean up the phone memory.
  4. Private Bookmarks: People can assign passwords to their private bookmarks so it is not accessible to everyone.