WhatsApp permanently banning accounts using WhatsApp+


It’s no secret about the existence of third party apps like WhatsApp+, WhatsApp MD etc. offering more features than the official app. This trend of third party apps being better than the official app have been quite successful with Twitter fortunately because of it’s public API. Sadly, that isn’t the case with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has been reportedly taking actions against these third party apps since January 2015. The apps have been forcefully pulled down from the Google Play Store and App Store to stop further penetration. Starting with temporary ban for accounts using unofficial apps to permanent closure. WhatsApp is getting aggressive with its actions. WhatsApp+ had gained it’s popularity over time providing features that aren’t still there on the official app yet. It was the one which had implemented last seen hide feature months before the actual roll-out.

The developer of WhatsApp+, OsmDroid has been working on a hack to bypass this check for authenticity but until then he also suggests to play safe and uninstall the app. Until now the clever act of attacking the consumers instead of hitting the developers has been turning out to be effective. We don’t know whether WhatsApp will be ever coming out with a public API which can drive these third party apps ‘legally’ but for the time being until you don’t want to risk your contact number being WhatsApp deprived, we will suggest you to stick with the official client.

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