Reed Hastings

It’s all over news now that Netflix might be announcing its services for India this week at CES 2016. Well, it surely sounds like a treat for Indian audiences like us who use VPN services for that quality content. But we do have a reason to hold down your excitement until the facts are officially out.

Netflix, the streaming giant which is quite popular in the United States had revealed its plans to launch its services in Asia by 2016 sometime last year. This year at CES, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will be delivering a keynote on January 6 2016 where he will be interacting with Indian Tech Journalists. Netflix has not officially made an announcement yet about the India launch but the clues hint that this CES would bring us something good for India.


India being one of the fastest growing digital market with a billion mobile connections but not so good broadband bandwidth is still capable enough to consume a lot of video content. Looking by the stats, in the past one year our video consumption rate has reached up to a level that a Cisco VNI report states, 15,418 minutes of video are streamed or downloaded every second in India. It has been estimated by 2019, video will represent 74 percent of all internet traffic in India which is good for content producers all across the globe.

Netflix would not neglect the developing nation from its radar especially when we are observing the facts which are changing for better. But what does it bring for India?

We are very curious about the collection that would be served here. Abiding by the censorship rules and limited access many would question its existence but we believe it will be what it has to be. Even though Netflix will be officially launched in India, I personally won’t give up on using VPN unless I find my favorite episodes available in the Indian catalog. Netflix as reported is also partnering with telecom operators to deal with the poor bandwidth condition in India. The only thing that is left unsaid is about the subscription model which will play a huge role for its adoption.