Acer unveiled its own cloud service today at CES, entitled AcerCloud.The service will come bundled with Acer consumer PCs beginning in the second quarter of this year and will be available worldwide in Q4.

AcerCloud  “securely connects all personal smart devices for anytime, anywhere access.” Both media libraries and documents will be synced across connected products including smartphones and tablets; Android will be supported at launch, with Acer promising compatibility with Windows-based devices in the future.

AcerCloud’s PicStream / Photo component automatically stores cellphone-captured photos for a period of 30 days, during which they can be permanently backed up to a user’s PC. Documents adhere to a similar schedule, available for 30 days and providing an option for permanent download during that stretch. The manufacturer’s freshly-unveiled Always Connect technology serves as a major backbone of AcerCloud, allowing files to be retrieved from Acer PCs even when in hibernation mode. Further, the service combines local and cloud storage to ensure that those local files are available when needed.

While the cloud service might seem impressive by Acer but according to reports it is basically Apple’s iCloud rip-off with even the picstream service similar to the photo stream on iCloud and Acer even copied the slide for their show-off.