At the moment Amazon’s probably the world’s largest online retailer and with the huge success of their Kindle range of products their financial stance seems as important as ever

For the full year they reported U$18,3 Billion in revenue and their operating cash flow increased 12% to U$3,9 Billion. Their Worldwide Media sales grew 15% to U$6,01 Billion and Worldwide Electronics and Other General Merchandise sales grew 48% to $10,91 Billion.

Despite their full year’s sales growing 41% to U$48,8 Billion (from U$32,4 Billion) their net income decreased 58% in Q4 to $177 Million (from U$416 Million in Q4 2010). Their Q4 sales grew 35% year on year to U$17,43 Billion and they made an operating income of U$260 Million, down from U$474 Million in Q4 2010. The huge increase in sales were mostly due to Amazon’s own Kindle range which remained its bestselling products.