Fenix our favourite Android Twitter App had disappeared from Play Store after the app maxed out its token limit. Twitter’s API in the past have killed a lot of beautiful third-party clients and Fenix was no exception. After reaching 100,000 users, who all as a matter of fact bought the app because the developer was enforcing multiple checks to make sure the app can’t be pirated exhausted the limit which led to its removal.

Since we got this news this Monday, we have been looking around for options as you too know Twitter for Android is nowhere near what Fenix offers. But, few hours ago the developer tweeted that the app is back on Play Store. We don’t know what brought it back but it’s good to know that our favourite Twitter App on Android is not dying.

Even the developer has not made it clear what exception has been made for Fenix but he is pretty confident that this won’t happen again. This is good on Twitter’s part as well understanding the community and keeping up with developers. Anyways, Fenix is back for new users as well as the existing ones. Download it right now.