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This FIFA Season have been the most exciting compared what I have seen in my lifetime (considering I am just 23 years old). There is a lot more energy and enthusiasm in people following the world cup. Observing this from a cricket obsessed nation is surprising.
Football fans are getting crazy over teams and buying merchandise painting their face with their favorite team flag and getting a trophy or football shaped haircut. The match timings unfortunately are a little offtrack with the first match starting from 9:30 PM IST. Most of the matches are aired at 12:30 AM or 3:30 AM IST which is absolutely out of the scene if one wants to watch with his/her friends at a cafe or lounge kinda place. You just have your television sets or maybe your smart devices to stream the live telecast from the Internet.

To be honest all you need is a big screen with decent sound, your drinks and your friends to enjoy the football season. To fix this, projectors comes as the most favorable solution considering nothing would be open at that timings. There are few factors which we should keep in mind while buying the perfect projector. BenQ, a world leader in providing digital displays gives some tips for an ideal purchase to maximize the overall experience. Better hear the expert, right?

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BenQ Football


First of all it was be great to know that projectors now come with a built-in audio out accessory but they usually never come close to any of the speaker output what we actually want, thus lowering our expectations. So if you can spend take the projector whose audio output is in the range of average to good or else just ignore.

Screen Size

Projectors are the king here. But one should ensure that the how will the screen quality be affected with the screen size.

3D Content

There are some projectors which can covert the usual 2D content into 3D but they might cost a bit more. So its totally dependent on how much do you spend.

Lamp Life

It’s better to know the Lamp life of the projector. Though the average ones last for about 2000 to 4000 hours which means the output will be diminished after that time.

Easy setup

Most importantly the projector should be easy to setup. An ordinary man might not have the technical knowledge to get everything correct so it is the manufacturers responsibility to make it consumer friendly.