Here is something which will cheer all the aviation and flight simulator fans out there, Microsoft premiered it’s next installation of Flight Simulator recently, and disclosed that it will be a free to play game – what is a free to play game ? It’s a setup that gives away games to players, and then charges for additional content or power ups depending on the title, is all the rage at the moment.

Microsoft Flight, the next installment in the storied Microsoft Flight Simulator will be free to install and play, with “new aircraft, regions and customization options” made available for purchase.

We all know that is a massive fanbase of dedicated Flight Simulator players, and a huge community of developers and hackers who build new planes, skins, weather environments, and other add-ons for players to use.

We currently don’t know how different will the next installment be from the previous one, and if it will still support 3rd party add-ons, though Microsoft would not like to disturb the relation between the Developers community and the simmers, unless, they have something new up their sleeves – we do expect this installment to be as modder friendly as the previous versions.

Here is a little video preview:


Reviews of the teaser on YouTube have been not that great. The top rated comments at the moment reads

Well looks like FSX Service Pack 3 took very long guys….” and “Are you guys serious? 20 + years of Flight Sim from Microsoft and we still have the crappy engine? What are you guys doing?” Both are apparent knocks of the game’s graphics capabilities.

We will be looking forward to reviewing this game when it releases, hopefully it will live up to the hype it has created as this is a long overdue installation of the very popular game.