Those lovable characters from the mountain town of South Park, Colorado are back! But this time, straight to your consoles and PC’s. Creators of the hit Comedy Central TV show ‘South Park’, have announced the development of South Park: The Game. Trey Stone and Matt Parker are calling this game an RPG to be released for the PC, PS3, and XBOX 360. Set to release in Q4, this could be a game to watch out for judging by the popularity of the TV show, the target audience of which easily makes up a huge chunk of the gamers.

Although not many are expecting ground breaking, full hardware utilizing graphics and performance, the game-play itself promises to be engaging and funny. The reactions from the fans seem to fall anywhere between ‘I’d rather hold my breath for Half-Life 3’ to ‘Its a dream I never knew would come true’. Most of them say that they can’t wait for it to come out, specially because most viewers see the creators as some of the truely comedic and creative geniuses of our time. A game from such personalities promises to be hilarious and fun at the very least.

A release in the second half of 2012 means it should hit stores around Q4 of this fiscal year.