In a statement to AllThingsD, Apple said that it would be pausing sales for a while in some stores. Reportedly, the company sold out of the iPhone 4S very quickly in many stores in the Shanghai/Beijing area. This comes after the incident in China where Apple delayed sales of the iPhone 4S at some of its stores after the launch crowds at Apple’s flagship Sanlitun store in Beijing got  a little uproarious.

Apple was reportedly told by the police not to open the store as scheduled due to the massive crowd, which then got out of hand, and the angry mob threw eggs at the storefront.

According to The New York Times ” many of the people in the crowd were actually migrant workers who had been paid to go and wait to purchase the phone, so when the store didn’t open they were not going to be paid.”

Soon After, police dispersed the crowd.

Due to this, the new iPhone will not available at retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai for the time being, but customers can still order iPhone 4S through the Apple Online Store or buy at China Unicom and other authorized resellers.