Google AssistantGoogle has developed Google Assistant a long time ago and since then it is helping us in making daily tasks easier than ever. As per the recent information Google Assistant has received a new update which makes it more refined and modern. This new update emphasizes more on eliminating extra steps and making tasks easier. Google has announced that it will be adding touch interactive elements to replies within Assistant for rapid fast actions. So let’s dive a little deep to know more about it.

So now when you ask something from Google Assistant you have to interact with images, sliders, and buttons to get things done.

Google Assistant

The new design element includes:

  • Bigger Visuals that are easy to glance.
  • New controls and sliders to manage your Google Home devices. These sliders and dials will help you to increase/decrease the volume of your device or adjusting the brightness of lights.
  • A fresh messaging interface in which you can use your fingers to edit or compose a message easily.
  • Its now easier to get an overview of the day. Simply open the Assistant and swipe up to your home screen to get information based on your interaction with Assistant.
  • Brands and Developers can now take full advantage of the space on phone screen. Brands can even display bigger GIF’s or images to provide detailed information.