Find my Device

We all know about Apple’s Find My iPhone app which was available in the OS since iOS 4. It was basically used to track down friends and family. Though with the latest iTunes version, it can only help to locate specific devices, which made it quite unuseful. Meanwhile, Google is working on a new service that will locate nearby devices that are connected to the Internet, called the Project Fi.

Google play services

Google Play Services app version 21.24.13 source code revealed that the company is developing its own network as Apple did. The app has a hidden link to a feature that can allow your phone to help locate your own and others nearby devices. Google currently has its Find My Device application which allows users to track their Android devices that are connected to with your account. But Google might integrate it in Find my Device app itself which may be connected through the Play services. This feature is also subject to privacy as it will track the location of each and every individual in the same network. Only time will say how Google will keep measures on these concerns and implement them.

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