Lens is one of the most useful applications Google has to offer, and its recent 500 million installs are proof of that. From helping with homework to digitizing and copying texts, this tool helps us better understand and interact with the world around us. To make language translation more convenient, Google is currently implementing offline translation support in Lens on Android.

This new feature requires users to download the translation packages offline. To do this, go to the Translation tab of the application. Click on the Language Selection tab at the top of this page. This should open a list of languages, and the languages that offer offline support will have a download icon next to them. Most offline packs weigh about 44 MB, so this feature won’t take up much space on your phone, even if you get several of them.

Once the packages are loaded, you can point the camera at the foreign language and see the overlay translation without having to connect to the Internet.

Translate feature on Google Lens is a pretty useful tool when traveling abroad. With offline translation, Lens eliminates the language barrier when traveling abroad or when you don’t have an internet connection.

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