Google Pixel 2Google has heavily invested into artificial intelligence and its applications over the past few years. The same can be witnessed on the new smartphone Google Pixel 2 which is now supposedly coming up with more accurate battery life estimates using a predictive algorithm.

Google Product Manager, Michelle announced on Google Product Forums about a new roll out which is being initiated for more accurate battery life estimates on the Pixel smartphone lineup.

As per the information, earlier Android as in general used to show fairly simple battery estimates based on a fixed pattern. Whereas now with the new roll out, Google is pushing an algorithm update bundled which tracks usage behavior. This new model evaluates how you use your smartphone over time observing the battery consumption pattern. Having a personalized touch, the new algorithm can figure out at what time we use our smartphone most and which apps usually come under high consumption radar resulting in an accurate estimate graph.

To begin with this feature will roll out only on Pixel smartphones, including both first and second generation handsets.