Voice Access
Image showing the working of Voice Access in Google smartphones.

Google has contributed a big share in the development of our smartphones. They are the creator of Google Assistant which is the most popular and feature-rich assistant available for smart devices. Google is working on some accessibility feature for a long time now and finally, we have a name for it “Voice Access”. It allows a user to perform almost all tasks hands-free. This app was in the development stage for more than 2 years but finally, it has been released for the Android platform. So without making any delay let’s know more about it.

In brief, this app allows you to get more controls over the voice commands we are habitual of using. Voice Access allows you to scroll in some app, navigate through apps, compose/edit text, click buttons, etc. Being a boon for disabled ones this will also be helpful for general users. For now, the application is limited to one language which is English. Google does have plans to make it available in multiple languages in the upcoming future.

You can literally write an entire paragraph without touching your smartphone. You just have to give a couple of commands. For making it aware you to say “Okay Google”. Open the desired application you want to use, for example, “Open Messaging app”. Commands like “Delete the line” or “Undo” will work as well. When done you can simply say “Stop Listening”. The app is live on Play Store so downloading it won’t be a problem for you.