Honor 8Huawei’s Honor 8 was launched back in July at an event in China and is set to arrive in India this week. The Honor 8 rather than building upon the Honor 7 that came before it bares a striking resemblance to the Huawei P9. Honor 8 dressed all in metal with 2.5D rounded-edge glass on both sides looks chic and classy. The rear of the phone is constructed from 15 layers of glass, which Huawei says has 3D grating and lithography.

The Smart Key

The Honor 8 features a level 4 fingerprint sensor which is circular rather than the square of the P9. The scanner has been upgraded with a “Smart Key” function which seems like the next evolution of fingerprint sensor. Now the fingerprint sensor also doubles as an extra button. The Smart Key allows actions to be achieved with either a short, long or double-press. The Smart Key is fully programmable and you can select shortcuts like voice recording, flashlight and screenshot, or launch one of your apps. Also there’s a slide-down gesture on the rear fingerprint sensor that can pull down the notifications pane.


The Dual Camera

The Honor 8 boasts the same six-lens, wide-angle camera that debuted on the company‚Äôs P9. Two 12-megapixel cameras on the back one monochrome, one RBG that combine to create the dual-camera system that LG and Apple also use. One of the lens captures color, while the other is monochrome and the software combines the two streams into a single image. Huawei states that this setup helps the phone capture better, crisper looking images. Almost every time the Honor 8 manages to capture a good amount of sharpness and excellent dynamic range. One of the perks of having the dual camera setup is the wide aperture mode, which allows you to set an aperture from f/0.95 to f/16 when taking a photo.

Honor 8 camera samples:


It all depends on the pricing

The Honor 8 may not be the absolute best bang for your buck, but it depends on the pricing for Indian market. Recently Huawei announced a $50 discount for its flagship Honor 8 handset on October 10 via Best Buy, Amazon, and Newegg in celebration of Columbus’ day. Let’s hope Huawei has similar plans for Indian market as Diwali is just round the corner.

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