It doesn’t take rocket science to decipher that many musicians use their iDevices (iPhones and iPads) to help them out with tunes on the go. Even podcasting from anywhere is famous these days. Perhaps a good news for them because IK Multimedia just launched their new set of iRig accessories: the iRig MIC Cast, iRig MIX, and iRig Stomp, at the CES.

Priced for $38 (Q1 this year), the MIC Cast is a unidirectional mic aimed at mobile podcasters that hooks up to your iOS device through its headphone jack (and has a 3.5mm port for headphone monitoring). It has a compact form factor that matches the iPhones slimness, and comes with recording and voice processing apps.

The iRig Stomp, an electric guitar pedal crafted from aluminum that works with any iOS guitar, amp or instrument app. It connects to your iDevice’s 3.5mm headphone jack and comes with a free AmpliTude app. Priced at $58, available in Q2.

And lastly, the dual-channel iRig MIX mobile music mixer, which can be connected to iDevices, CD players or other music sources using it’s stereo inputs. Available February for $96.

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