Jolla smartphone

Jolla a Finnish smartphone company announced that they will be launching their Jolla smartphone in India next month.

Jolla smartphone based on Sailfish OS with its button-less design is bringing out revolutionary ideas. Continuing the heritage of Meego, which was developed by Nokia and had a lot of love from the community but couldn’t never be a leading the charts. Today the scenario is different and some fresh opportunities are most welcomed by the people who desperately need something new.

Understanding the requirements of the consumers and addressing the problems which an operating system could face, the Sailfish OS sir ready to allow people to mesmerise with its gesture based controls.


Sami Pienimäki also comments: “India is the rising smartphone market of the world and we look forward to welcoming many new Jolla fans across the country. Since late 2011 when we established the company Jolla, we have received a tremendous amount of interest from India to enter this great market. In particular we have found it very encouraging how much there is interest and trust for mobile heritage coming from Finland, and what kind of development opportunities there are to start to develop e.g. local applications for India. We are super excited to be partnering with the market leader Snapdeal, who has extensive reach in the booming online commerce market of India. Through this position, we are confident to reach those interested in a true alternative to the mainstream players.”

Jolla’s Co-founder and CMO, Sami Pienimäki shows great interest in Indian market observing the varying demand. Jolla has partnered with to exclusively sell Jolla smartphones to the consumers through its wide reach and position.