LG G6+LG G6 which is now dropping prices like anything is planning to improve its user experience and adding another security feature. LG on June 19, 2017 made an announcement about the new upcoming updates to the G6 in the recent software update.

LG is bringing three new features to G6 namely, Face Print, Low Power Consumption and Covered Lens. With Face Print, LG G6 owners can unlock their smartphone by simply holding the phone up to their faces without the need to press any buttons. The camera is only activated when the phone is raised to the face to ensure there is no additional battery drain.

Low Power Consumption, is built into the Qualcomm Hexagon DSP architecture integrated in the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platform of the LG G6. It pairs up with Google’s Contextual Hub Runtime Environment (CHRE) to sense and collect data at all times from both sensors and wireless connections to improve the user experience eventually using very little battery power and reducing latency.

Covered Lens warning prevents enthusiastic photographers from spoiling their own photographs. This feature alerts the user with a notification on the display if a finger (or fingers) unknowingly make into the shot before the shutter was activated.

LG is also introducing two new colors for the LG G6: Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold. Additionally, LG is also launching the G6+ which features a 128GB of onboard storage and premium earphones from B&O PLAY to take full advantage of the 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC featured in the smartphone. Available in Optical Astro Black, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold, the turbocharged LG G6+ comes with all the innovations of the LG G6 with the addition of wireless charging in some countries.