LG Laser display

LG Electronics on 23 April 2013 showcased its diverse range of futuristic products at LG Tech Show 2013, its first ever technology spectacle in India. LG displayed advanced line-up of cutting edge technology and innovative products across different categories.

Amongst the displayed products was, world’s first 55 inch OLED TV, Pocket Photo Printer, Aramid Home Theatre, X Boom audio system, the largest capacity Laundry washing machine, LG’s PC line-up of Tab-Book-H160 & LG Z360 Ultrabook and Optimus G Pro. We will cover them one by one.

Mr. Ssoon Kwon- Managing Director–LG Electronics India said, “Technology and innovation are key factors behind LG’s success. We want to further strengthen our business with a target of 20% overall growth in 2013. As India is a strategic market for LG, we strive to introduce Global flagship products as well as India Insight products, designed especially for the Indian market. We are introducing an entire new range of Flat panel televisions including Jazz and Transform TV, which reflects our thorough India Insight for consumer convenience. With our new range of new flat panel launches we are targeting 30% market share in FPD.

LG Electronics India showcased the World’s largest and slimmest, next-generation 55 inch OLED television capable of delivering truly stunning picture quality. At Only 4 mm thin and weighing less than 10 kilograms, LG’s OLED TV produces astoundingly vivid and realistic pictures because of its superior WRGB technology. It has kick-started a whole new era of next generation of high-quality televisions with this product.

LG 55-inch OLED TV Image

Coming up next in the mobile section we got our sneak peak of the LG Optimus G Pro which became an instant hit in South Korea, with 500000 units sold within 40 days of launch. The newest and feature-packed phone LG Optimus G Pro is a combination of style and a unique mobile experience. Optimus G Pro carries on the premium heritage of the entire Optimus G series, with 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display it runs on Android Jelly Bean. Equipped with 4G LTE, the smartphone offers the largest battery capacity in its class at 3,140mAh, allowing Full HD viewing enjoyment for hours on end. The mobile phone has an upgraded 13 megapixel camera on the back with LED flash and 2.1-inch front-facing cam. It has 32GB of internal storage, further expandable up to humongous 64GB.

LG Optimus G Pro

The company also showcased another innovation called the LG PD233 Pocket Photo, a smart mobile printer. This portable printer can be connected to smartphones or tablet- Pcs with Bluetooth, NFC or an USB stick. The perfect smartphone companion delivers high quality photo prints and provides excellent wireless connectivity, making it the ideal companion for both Android and iOS smartphones.

LG Photo printer

The LG Home Appliances division aims to expand the horizon by­ continuously developing products based on consumer insight.
The Tech Show also displayed LG Evercool refrigerators, a product customized to meet the needs of Indian consumers suffering from long power cuts. It comes equipped with LG’s patented Power Cut Evercool technology, which has an ability to retain cooling for up to seven hours without electricity. The range is energy efficient and saves up to 20% energy.
The LG Laundry washing machine is the fastest and largest capacity front-load washing machine with 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology. This washer enables consumers to wash more clothes per load including large, bulky items such as king-sized comforters. It consumes less energy and water compared to any conventional front load washing machines.

LG also shared its strategy to become a global leader in the B2B market. It showcased the latest addition to its display technology in the projection arena called “Hecto” Laser display. It is a masterpiece of home theatre design, with 1080p screen resolution, capable of creating a 100-inch screen from just 22 inches. Thanks to LG’s laser-based technology which gives incredible contrast. It also has the capability of an all-in-one home theatre to go with a digital tuner and 10w speakers built-in, with three HDMI inputs, an RS-232 port and Smart TV capabilities.

LG’s impressive PC line-up exhibited consists of LG Tab-Book (H160) and LG Z360 Ultrabook, combining powerful performance with design excellence. It is equipped to handle both work and entertainment applications. The LG Tab-Book (H160) is an impeccable combination of a tablet and a notebook. Running Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, the compact 11.6-inch device offers everything a conventional tablet does. The device has an impressive 10 hours of battery life, 15.9mm thick and weighs in at 1.05Kg. Z360 Ultrabook from LG is slim and compact, with a 1080p IPS display and at 13.6mm thickness. It has Windows 8 OS, with the new 4th Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors. The Ultrabook is capable of booting up in just eight seconds. Also on display is World’s First 21:9 IPS Ultrawide Monitor and other exciting range of products like Personal TV and PC accessories.

Tab-Book 02

We were present at the LG Tech Show 2013 and being an audience to this big event was a great pleasure. Kudos to LG for making this possible. It was a good effort for a company to showcase its products and discuss about the upcoming strategies set for the timeline. LG has been coming up with innovative products and will continue to develop innovative technologies to offer consumer specific requirements of various markets. We all would love to see more in future.