LG Electronics India has introduced the PuriCare range of water purifiers in India featuring a stainless steel storage tank. The highlight feature of the PuriCare water purifiers range is that it features a stainless steel storage tank. The new range of water purifiers are available in seven variants and are equipped with hygiene-enhancing features, such as Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank and Digital Sterilizing Care which purifies the water and makes it safe to drink.

The LG range of water purifiers comes equipped with features, such as the Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank and Digital Sterilizing Care. The LG water Purifier is available in seven variants: WW180EP, WW170EP, WW160EP, WW121EP, WW120EP, WW130NP, and WW140NP.

Some of the key features of LG Water purifier:

5 Stage RO Filtration: The filtration system is the key feature in any water purifier. The new range of LG’s PuriCare comes with multi-stage reverse osmosis (RO) system which provides safe drinking water via a multi-stage filtration method. This method removes contaminants as minute as 0.0001 micrometers in size. As a part of a five-stage process, the RO filtration eradicates bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. The RO filtered water also moves through Mineral Booster to add minerals to the drinking water.

Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank: This is the major highlight feature of the new range of LG water purifiers. For users, storing water without the concern of it getting proliferated with germs inside the water tank is a major concern. Now, it appears that LG has a solution for this. The Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank prevents the growth of bacteria and algae and provides safe drinking water. LG claims that the steel tank is helpful in reducing the bacteria growth by 94.4 percent, which sounds good. The water storage tank has a total of eight-liter capacity.

Everfresh UV Plus and Smart Display: The LG PuriCare RO removes viruses and bacteria without the need of UV in the filtration stage. UV Cycle in LG True Water Purifiers runs during the storage stage. While the filtered water stored in Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank is safe and clean to drink, the UV Cycle that automatically starts every 6 Hours is an added benefit and removes any bacteria that might have popped up during storage level Smart Display: Users can easily check when the water filter needs to be changed. The water purifiers have a change indicator, UV Sterilizing indicator, and water level Indicator which can be noticed even from a distance or at night with the help of Smart Display.

2-in-1 Care: LG’s water purifier is also equipped with the 2-in-1 Care feature. The new water purifiers have a secondary valve located on the side of the water purifier. With this users can easily wash their fruits and vegetables without the worry of getting them infected contaminated.

True Maintenance Offer: LG is providing 1st year of complimentary maintenance worth Rs 4200 for all its water purifier range. This will include 3 scheduled and automated visits LG service engineer. The company will also provide digital sterilizing care and 3 times Pre Filter change.