We see a lot of consumers these days who demand high speed data connection. They want their videos to stream continuously, play online games without hiccups, listen to Internet radio. If you ask me this growth is increasing exponentially. Data connectivity in India has been rising very rapidly. From GPRS to EDGE and from EDGE to 3G, the consumption rate has been different. Earlier users would be satisfied by 1GB data plan but now they need more data for their mobile device.

Looking at this recent trend, MTS India on 23rd October 2013 announced the commercial roll out of its “3GPLUS” telecom network based on state-of-the-art Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) Rev. B Phase II technology. (DoT). The roll out makes MTS India, the first telecom operator in India to provide 3GPLUS network coverage across all its 9 circles of operations that is Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh (West) and West Bengal. Above this, MTS India is credited to be the FIRST telecom operator in the world to have launched the Rev. B Phase II version of the EV-DO network in Jaipur, Rajasthan in September, 2011. Globally, EV-DO networks run in some of the most data hungry countries in the world including the US, Japan and Korea.

To experience the full power of its 3GPLUS network – MTS India has introduced MBlaze Ultra – a next generation Hi-Tech dongle providing data speeds of up to 9.8 Mbps. Looking ahead, the Company has also drawn plans to launch a slew of smart phones by the end of the 2013, enabling customers to further utilize the power of the 3GPlus network.

Pricing and Availability

The 3GPLUS network shall come on MTSBlaze Ultra device which has been priced at Rs. 1299 for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Bundled Offer – New prepaid customers just need to pay Rs. 1399 to get an MBlaze Ultra dongle along with 10 GB data usage with 30 day validity. Existing postpaid MBlaze customers can get an MBlaze Ultra dongle by paying just Rs. 750 with complete cash back. There are new rate plans for this which can be viewed from MTS India website.

Data Usage Validity Prepaid Postpaid
5 GB Unlimited 1 Month Rs.798 Rs. 700
10 GB Unlimited 1 Month Rs. 999 Rs. 875
15 GB  Unlimited 1 Month Rs. 1298 Rs. 1199
20 GB Unlimited 1 Month Rs. 1498 Rs. 1399