When Mozilla revealed its Boot2Gecko OS, it also said that it will be present at MWC with strong partners, and, if rumors are to be believed, LG is that partner. So, if you thought LG had no surprises left for you, you may be wrong.

If rumors are to be believed, LG will unveil a developer device running Mozilla’s HTML5 based Operating System, Boot2Gecko, and it is also said that LG will even start selling the device as soon as in a week. Though we are not sure of this rumor, but it makes sense to have a strong hardware partner if Mozilla is to succeed with its OS.

Boot2Gecko is based on a Linux core otherwise known as Gonk. It runs from your browser, from which it adds functionality for all the other services and apps that it would provide. Everything would be powered from its Gecko browser based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Theoretically, it will also be able to function on computers.