Facebook tested a new kind of advert last month called ‘featured stories‘, that allowed companies to publish your likes in the form of ads on your news feed.

According to ‘TechCrunch’, Facebook is running a pilot program to bring ideas like the actions inside Facebook apps to users. The “Open Graph” as it is called, will be an extension of the site’s “like” pattern. This can be any verb, such as “read”, “listen” or watch.

This new app can help getting better target ads as it will allow a company to list a group of friends who,for istance, listened to a certain artist through a Facebook app. This will help promote the music service, record label and the artist. Though this action is currently a trial, it seems like Facebook developers are planning to soon launch this to the masses in the near future.

According to the developer site this action is specifically targeting towards certain advertising APIs. This new feature on facebook will be greatly benificial for those who want to promote their products and services through social networking.

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