Well you owners of webOS devices never fear, for it is here – there are updates all around! Regardless of the the past 6-7 months, with the quick derailing of the Pre3’s optimism and the announcement of the intent to cease further productions of webOS hardware, HP is still showing its interest in this platform. Investors of the platform started the year a bit off course, but there is now hope for continued development of webOS as an open source operating system, not only for its smart phones but for Touchpads also.

In December the webOS 2.2.4 update was talked about briefly, but now HP specifies that updates will roll out to the platform’s Messaging, Contacts, and Calendar components for the 2.2.4 update on Pre3 and unlocked Pre2 phones. The update also offers a few adjustments to its Skype application and Bluetooth connectivity specifically for the Pre2.

Now what HP has in store for the Touchpad is webOS 3.0.5 in the form of an OTA update. This update offers quick auto-correction toggle, speed improvements in email and calendar, a more stable and reliable streaming video playback, and it will now warn you of any network issues.

For more information on the new updates, you may go to HP’s full website.