HTC’s vice president of product strategy, Bjorn Kilburn, said that HTC had carried out research last year to find out whether customers preferred their phones to be thinner or to have longer battery life. The verdict of the research was that the customers preferred thinness to battery life, which caused HTC to scrap plans for 3,000mAh-plus devices.

HTC could have easily made thinner phones compared to the Rezound or Thunderbolt this year, looking at the dimensions of its One series. Motorola successfully made a thin phone with a high battery capacity, the RAZR MAXX, which in comparison to the standard RAZR is just 1.9mm thicker, at 9mm.

Kilburn did say that HTC is trying to improve battery life through other methods, such as software optimizations, better battery tech, he also pointed out that the One X has a bigger capacity battery, but there won’t be a One MAXX.