It seems that Google’s infamous cloud storage might already be in action. The above image taken from Lucidchart’s Google Drive page shows that Google has already started working with other applications with regard to using Google Drive not only as a locker in the cloud but also as a storage service that can tap into various applications. In this case, users of Lucidchart should be able to automatically sync their documents to the Cloud. Even Dropbox, the current top dog, does not offer this level of integration.

It remains to be seen how good Google Drive exactly will be, but to see third party integration at release is a very promising sign. There is still no information regarding a concrete release date, Om earlier mentioned that it should release during the first week of April, but obviously it has been delayed even further, or his sources did not have accurate information.

But the above information reveals that it is definitely a certainty that Google Drive is releasing soon, all that is left is the “when”. It is also worth noting that Lucidchart’s CEO, Karl Sun was a former senior figure at Google, and even after leaving Google he still has ties to the company, so there is a level of trust between the two companies.