The Apple vs. Samsung case concluded today with the final verdict in the US district court after the three week trial. The jury ruled out that Samsung Mobiles did infringe patents owned by Apple Inc.

Samsung is found to infringe Apple’s ‘381 bounceback patent with all 21 of its products in the offending list. For the ‘915 patent on pinch-and-zoom, the jury ruled all but three of the devices listed infringed. Moreover jury believed that Samsung executives either knew or should have known their products infringed on the listed patents. Jury was also in favour of Apple towards the iOS home screen GUI and the contours on the back of iPhone. The Galaxy Tab, was found not to have infringed upon Apple’s iPad design patents or they just missed it. hehe

With respect to the damages, Samsung must pay $1,049,343,540 to Apple which is about 58144125551.4000 Indian rupees (Rs. 5814.42 crores). In return Apple has to pay Samsung nothing since the jury ruled that Apple did not infringe upon Samsung’s patents with the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

One billion though being a massive number is not a big amount for both of the companies but the major damage is the reputation of Samsung.
Will this effect the overall Android community? What do you think? Do let us know in the comments below.