OnePlus 3

OnePlus announced its flagship smartphone OnePlus 3 in many countries along with India on June 15, 2016. It has been available in India unlocked invite free from the beginning but that was not the case in the Republic of Finland, a sovereign state in Europe.

OnePlus is selling the smartphone there through the Finnish carrier, Elisa for better market penetration as it becomes hard for customers to rely on a new brand. In a very short span of time OnePlus has seen a significant market growth in Finland with OnePlus 3 being adopted by a lot of people there. As a matter of fact, OnePlus 3 was the best-selling phone online and the second-best-selling phone overall for Elisa in Finland.

OnePlus 3 has been a value for money device with an active developer support. Backed by xda-developers community with cooperation of OnePlus releasing its source-code for developers to play with. With this, OnePlus themselves are actively hearing its consumers and squashing bugs. We have already seen 3 updates in a month of its launch. Observing this, we predict sales going even higher in the coming months. I just hope OnePlus remains prepared for this. All the best OnePlus!