Panasonic P66

Panasonic P66 the smartphone with 21 languages support launched their two new television commercials today. Panasonic is trying to promote the use of regional languages in a diverse country like India supporting everyone’s native understanding. India being such a diverse is the best example of how this could affect the overall sales and adoption amongst the audience. As they say, Tagore’s Poetry could be most enjoyed in Bengali, and Punjabi Jokes will lose their humour if translated to another language. These ad film is montage of showing moments spent with friends or alone, are made memorable by the emotional connect brought by one’s own language with a powerfully moving voice over by actor Piyush Mishra. The TVC has been developed for Panasonic Smart Phones under the aegis of Shashin Devsare, Executive Director Jaina India. Watch their new TV commercials as below: