Nowadays phishing has increased tremendously. Phishers have become experts in making their phishing sites look exactly like the original ones. They include every detail in the phishing sites like they use JavaScript to include the current date in their static pages. Symantec has reported a steep increase in generic email phishing. Generic phishing is totally different from normal phishing. In normal phishing, the phishing messages are usually sent to target users (eg. Bank customers or social network users). But in generic email phishing there are absolutely no target regulations. For example: Phishing can be proceeded by sending an email to any mail address.

Phishers generally send emails through generic phishing. They send emails saying that the recipient’s mail box is full and urge or convince them to “re-validate” their mail box to prevent disruption. Symantec recently found a generic email phishing website. Apart from the minor website glitches (poor website skills), this website appeared to be normal. It had a fish pattern as the site background (the picture attached above).

To prevent becoming a prey to these kind of phishing scams, one should stay alert and aware about the mails stating your account to be updated or restricted. Security software should be up to date. The customers using Symantec cloud and Symantec Messaging Gateway are protected from these threats.

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Source: Symantec Blog