Android devices are taking a rising toll in the market with the number of Android device activations counting to 850 Thousand devices a day , amounting to a huge total of 300 Million devices – including around 12 million activations. These facts were stated by Andrew E. Rubin himself during a meeting with the press reporters earlier today. He also states that these counts don’t include double entries which happens when one might reset or sell his phone.

The count also does not takes in account the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, which don’t use the Google Services and the tab section mainly comprises the Samsung family. He also stated that the Android market now holds 450 thousand apps in relevance to the 160 thousand apps a previous year ago which amounts to an approximate of 180% increase.

Rubin also states that the very reason for which Android came into existence , which wasn’t “To change the dynamics of the industry” , rather he wanted Android to be a certain ecosystem under whose roof the phone manufacturers can develop complete solutions. Well , indeed that’s a well-delivered speech with some really mind-boggling facts.