Sony SmartWatch is a watch that communicates with any Android device giving you a very complete control of it. And not only manages calls and messages, but also applications, the truth is it’s a really interesting gadget. The idea of ​​this watch is to have a remote control for any Android handset from your wrist, or even from anywhere, since you can remove the strap and use it as a clip.

You can connect and communicate with the phone using Bluetooth, so you can do a bit to the idea of ​​battery consumption for mobile and scope it has. Once connected you will be able to receive phone notifications, calls, and access the application control. Applications which can control are exclusively develop SmartWatch component, and opened the code so that any developer can access this application development, so we may soon see a lot of these, but by now includes Facebook, Twitter, Endomondo and many more. Each application has its settings and allows for customization, as for example with Twitter, where we can set default answers.

The SmartWatch is compatible with any Android and is not exclusive to Sony. It will hit the market for 139€.