Most of the folks who got themselves a Motorola Droid RAZR were not so pleased with its battery life but with the launch of RAZR Maxx, it turned into face-palm but we might have some ray of light for you thanks to the folks at XDA

A developer at XDA, wardo5757 has found a way to replace the RAZR’s battery with that from the RAZR Maxx, and turn the former into the latter. Hit the Source link below and find out the instructions to upgrade your RAZR’s 1780mAh battery to a whopping 3300mAh battery of the RAZR Maxx.

But better be careful as the process requires you to disassemble your RAZR which’ll surely void your warranty. It requires a new back-plate, replacement port cover and the RAZR Maxx’s battery. It would have been really better if Motorola would have offered its RAZR customers to get the RAZR Maxx with a little price but thats not certainly not to be.