There were reports of Samsung launching something to please the hearts of the female gender in the form of a Pink Galaxy Note and Samsung finally confirmed it by showing a Dummy Device of a Pink Galaxy Note , YES !! PINK !! at the CeBIT in Germany .

Since, it was not functional , nothing much could be deciphered about the functioning , but about the design , there is not a single space left on the Note (except the screen off-course) which is not covered in Pink !! We know what Samsung establishes to do with this move and we surely appreciate that. Also , thee are many speculations that a lot of accessories will also follow this Note probably in the same color.

There is no official announcement yet as to when will the phone hit the market, but sources say around May and also no word on will there be some extra charges for the color. But, for now we all know that this certainly is a treat for the ladies as I have happened to see a lot of iPhones covered in pink shells and cases, and know exactly how it’s own market.