Samsung’s much loved flagship Galaxy S II is getting some attention from the ROM developers it seems as multiple Ice Cream Sandwich beta ROMS have started to roll out on the highly successful device.

There are two ROMS for the device, one is based on an early 4.0.1 build made on December 20th and the other build is based on 4.0.3 made just ten days after the initial ROM but both of these will only be available through Samsung’s connectivity suite Kies and can’t be installed over the air.

Kies software updates target select markets so we’re not very sure about every Galaxy S II user getting these ROMS. It is said that most regions will get the latest build instead of the initial one, the new build brings new icons, new on/off toggle. According to news these builds are close to what we’ll be seeing when we get the official ICS update so if you are lucky enough to get this build through Kies on your device, do let us know what you think of it or you can still wait for the official update. But, be warned – this is the news we got from various sources on the internet, this could also be just leaks of the internal testing of ICS based ROMs only for Samsung developers and engineers.