What you see above is reportedly the roadmap for Sony’s upcoming devices planned for 2012 (at least until the end of the year), complete with pricing. The information allegedly comes from Sony’s sales report in India so the main prices are for the Indian market (should be approximately the same globally).

There are a couple of names which we’ve already heard as well as some new devices. Right at the top of the table you’ll see the recently announced Xperia S (LT26i “Nozomi” which should land in March) but the good stuf starts from the second row.

We’ve seen the Nypon spotted in the group shot that was making the rounds over the interwebs just yesterday, with some reports claiming that the Kumquat is also part of the picture. We’ve also heard of the Hayabusa, a name attributed to the LT29i (allegedly looking similar to the Xperia Arc and Arc S but with specs closer to the Xperia S).

Pepper just popped up in NenaMark confirming its specs (MT27i) and mainly the ST Ericsson chip powering it but the rest of the codenames are new. While we don’t have any information related to the model numbers and/or specs, we expect at least a couple of them to show up at MWC. We’re also curious to know whether the list includes any Windows Phones, as we’ve recently seen a prototype smile for the camera.